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Emmanuel Fadojutimi
Lead Mentor

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  • Manages complexities across organizations
  • Discover technology that helps potential clients maximize efficiency 
  • Provide best solution designs for optimal business performances


As a lifelong learner and advocate of skill building, I have stacked a few talents that have made quite a career for myself in the world of sales and most recently, presales. From door to door sales, to being an insurance agent, I have sold in many different industries allowing me to really take a deep dive into understanding what sales acumen actually is. In my most recent role as a sales Engineer, I have coupled my sales acumen with technical acumen to empower certain stakeholders in the IT industry with confidence when it comes to finding the best solutions to their technical problems.

My Story

When most refer to me, they are likely thinking of “Emmanuel , the music guy”, or the photographer, the pilot, or business growth consultant. I studied Jazz at Towson University. During my 2nd year of college I had the privilege of going on tour with some of my favorite artists. After coming off tour, my musical reputation began to build a life of its own and I decided to leave school to pursue my pilot license while I grew my career as a full time musician and a part-time photographer.. Unfortunately, flight school could not be supported on a full time musician’s salary, so I needed to get a job that could support my ambitions as a pilot. The one job I knew I could get with no degree, and supplement a decent income was in sales. From door to door sales, to insurance sales and everything in between, I accrued experience in a few different industries. While flying small planes and taking pictures at weddings became more of a hobby, I fell in love with sales and pursued it as a full time venture, alongside my passion for music and  photography. Unfortunately, in 2017 I succumbed to a serious sickness that began to affect my sales performance. While managing my ailment, I began work in the restaurant industry where I was a line cook for 3 years. After realizing that I truly desired a career in sales I left the restaurant industry in search of a new career in sales, but was introduced to Sales Engineering in June 2021. After much research and many hours of learning and applying myself in the right ways, I was able to secure a role as a Sales Engineer at my first tech company, HubSpot, only 4 months after learning about the role. Since then, I have had the privilege of sharing the story of my journey into Presales on many different platforms, but