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Here at Learnfull, we understand the importance of education in the tech industry. That's why we focus on providing top-quality educational opportunities for students looking to break into tech. Our team is composed of tenured tech professionals from industry-leading companies, ensuring that our students are learning from the best in the field. We offer live sessions with these professionals, as well as engaging classes, role plays, and hands-on learning opportunities. In addition, we provide quizzes, checkpoints, and use case scenarios to help students solidify their understanding of the material. We also encourage discussion and debate on various topics to help students think critically about the industry and their own goals within it. Overall, our goal is not only for you to land a career in tech but to be impactful in your role. Providing a comprehensive and engaging educational experience that helps students succeed in their tech careers is a foundational principle at Learnfull. 


Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation

At Learnfull,, we are committed to helping students from diverse backgrounds break into the tech industry. To achieve this goal, we focus on emulation as a key strategy. We have assembled a diverse team of mentors who have successfully made the transition into tech themselves and are well-equipped to provide guidance and support to aspiring tech professionals. Our mentors have a deep understanding of the challenges and obstacles that minorities often face when trying to enter the tech industry, and they are dedicated to helping their mentees navigate these hurdles. We believe that by providing access to role models and mentors who have firsthand experience in the tech industry, we can help more students succeed in their own tech careers.  


Raise or lift (something or someone) up to a higher position

At Learnfull, we focus on the elevation of students who are eager to break into the tech industry. We believe that this elevation cannot truly occur without connectivity, as it is through connections with mentors, instructors, and industry partners that students are able to fully reach their potential. That's why we prioritize intimate class sizes and strong relationships with industry leaders, ensuring that our graduates are able to make the right connections at the right time to help them succeed. Through these efforts, we strive to provide our students with the support and guidance they need to not just temporarily elevate their careers, but to achieve long-term success in the tech industry.