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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Online Learning like?

Some love it. Some hate it. Either way, we can all agree that online learning is a great way to enjoy the flexibility we need in our busy schedules. Learnfull online course is an interactive and engaging live class you can take from the comfort of your own home without losing the personable touch of being in an in-person classroom. 

How do I purchase a course?

Once you have decided that Learnfull is the place to be you can simply reach out to our Sales Team on any platform. A sales team member will be happy to answer any additional questions. After that, We simply send a quote via email for you to e-sign

How long does each course take?

We currently offer a PRE-Sales Tech course. This is a 6-week course. Classes are Mon-Fri 7-9 pm cst. 

What does the program consist of?

Learnfull Pre-Sales Tech course consists of 4 categories:

-Dive into Sales- 
During this class category, we will ensure each student has an in-depth understanding of the foundational sales techniques and procedures and the importance of learning how to engage with customers. At Learnfull you will be learning key sales techniques from those who are already experienced in the industry. Once you have a grasp on the product or service and associated sales tactics, you can dive into the challenge of boosting sales and generating even more success for your organization!

- Rise Into Tech- 
During our Rise into Tech classes we will be developing your technical understanding. Having a technical understanding is essential when breaking into the tech industry. This includes being familiar with APIs and webhooks, computer networking, and cloud computing.  Understanding the fundamentals of these technologies is essential for any aspiring tech professional, as they are essential components of the tech industry. Furthermore, having a technical understanding can help individuals gain a better understanding of the industry and the products they are developing or working with. With this knowledge, individuals can more effectively troubleshoot and solve problems, as well as develop innovative solutions. In conclusion

- Go For It-
During this course category, students will be involved in a weekly practical hands on activity. Hands-on learning is a key component to preparing for a new career. It allows individuals to gain practical experience and develop skills that cannot be obtained in a traditional classroom setting. Through role-play sessions, case studies, open discussions, and quizzes, individuals can gain an understanding of how the concepts and theories they learn in the classroom can be applied in the real world. Hands-on learning also helps individuals develop essential skills such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. By engaging in practical activities, individuals can gain a better understanding of their chosen field and develop the skills necessary to excel in their new careers. Hands-on learning is an invaluable tool for those looking to transition into a new career.

-Tech Table Discussions- 
Our Tech Table discussions are weekly unfiltered open discussions with industry professionals. Having open discussions with industry-leading professionals is a key factor when breaking into a new industry. Open topics should be discussed to gain professional insights, such as the industry's current trends, potential career paths, and best practices. These conversations provide an invaluable opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who have already navigated the industry and can offer advice on how to succeed. Open discussions also give you the chance to ask questions, receive feedback, and develop relationships with industry professionals. Through these conversations, you can gain a further understanding of the industry and learn from the experiences of others. Open discussions with industry-leading professionals are essential for breaking into a new industry and should be taken advantage of whenever possible.

How do scholarship grants work?

Learnfull currently does not offer scholarships or grants.  However, As we grow and expand we hope to offer this in the near future.

What are the requirements to take the courses?

We ask that students have at least 2 years of work experience in any area before signing up for Learnfull. It's important to us to equip and build on skills you already possess as an individual. Our job is to help place you in the best possible position to ensure a smoother transition into the tech world

Who is the program for?

Simple. It's for YOU! Simple. Learnfull is designed for those who want to break into the tech industry and benefit from its increasing diversity. It is tailored to those who are looking for a new job in tech, whether they are just starting out or already have experience in the field. This program will provide the necessary guidance and resources to help participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the tech industry. It will also equip them with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of the industry and to make the most of their potential. Learnfull participants can gain the confidence and expertise needed to take on new challenges and opportunities.

How much does the program cost?

The full tuition for the PRE-Sales Tech Program is $4,795. 

What are your other financing options?

Learnfull offers split payments and options through AfterPay and Klarna based on approval.

Full payment is due Monday at 11:59 pm the night of the FREE webinar Intro class. We offer our Pre-Sales course every 6 weeks so the opportunity bus will never be too far away!

Can I participate in this program while I'm working full-time?

Absolutely, your Learnfull instructors and mentors currently have full-time careers in the field. So they are not only relatable but relevant. The program is designed to provide working students with the ability to complete the coursework while maintaining their current professional responsibilities

Do I get a certificate once I graduate?

Short Answer YES. Each individual will receive a Certificate of Completion from Learnfull at the end of each course. However, Learnfull's end goal is to PROPERLY equip you; We stand on QUALITY VS QUANTITY; Meaning certificates are Earned not given.

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