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Nigel Chimwaza
Lead instructor

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  • Graduate from University of North Texas Mechanical & Energy Degree and Minor in Math
  • Continued success as one of the top performing Solution Engineers nationally in 3 different industries
  • Over 7 years selling B2B Solutions as a Solution Expert for enterprise markets


While attending college, I worked part time at Nordstrom as a stylist. During that time is when I truly fell in love with relationships and value selling. Being able to ask the right questions, uncover certain challenging areas, whilst building relationships was a dream for me. After graduating, I wanted to blend my technical skillset and problem solving , with my passion to help people and sell. This is where I stumbled into the role of Solution Engineer. During my time as an SE, I had the opportunity to work in various industries with a wide range of customer bases. I found that my foundational skills transfer regardless of if I am selling Saas or industrial components. I am currently a Principal Solution Engineer at HubSpot and am continuing my goal to be a forever learner.

My Story

Hailing from Zimbabwe and as the youngest of three, I was bitten by the curiosity bug at a young age. Breaking apart my brand new toys to shed light on all my "how" and "what" questions was a process my family slowly accepted. That curiosity spilled into my teens. I found myself studying people and their desires. My curiosity for wanting to understand people's needs and asking the correct questions in the correct order led me to my current career in solution selling. Although I have attempted to subside my curiosity, I can finally admit that it is here to stay. My curiosity has taken many different forms throughout my life and led me to many different passions. 

Currently, my itch to learn a new skill, stay current on products, and further develop my passions has led me into the Principal Solution Engineering role at one of the leading tech companies, HubSpot. Spearheading our Diversity and Inclusion department in the presales and being a proud and active representative of our AfricaHub community has led me to continuing my efforts in bridging the gap for people eager to transition into tech.