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Tiffiney Poole

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  • Transitioned from an 18 year career in healthcare to the tech industry in 5 months
  • Utilized Linkedin networking and positioned self to have recruiters and hiring managers reach out to her to setup interviews
  • Presales Solution Consultant for HCM and WFM software
  • Demonstrates ability to use dynamic storytelling and consultative approach making her a respected team member


Burnout led Tiffiney Poole to change her career after 18 years working as an occupational therapist in the medical field. She made the decision to pursue a career in solution consulting because it allowed her to combine her acute problem-solving skills with her love of having meaningful interactions with others. After making the crucial choice to finish a tech sales bootcamp, the desire to change careers became a reality in just 5 short months. In her brief time in this capacity, she has already had a substantial influence, and we eagerly anticipate what impact she will have in the future.

My Story

Tiffiney Poole's 18-year career as an occupational therapist and her entrepreneurial endeavors in both health and business coaching equipped her for the ideal position she was unaware existed. She had had enough of her own whining about pay caps and burnout, and after seeing an IG live of someone who had just broken into the tech industry, she made the brave decision to enroll in a tech bootcamp.

Employing managers and recruiters took notice of Tiffiney because of her determination, focus, and readiness to push herself out of her comfort zone. She didn't quite secure a job in the time frame she had hoped, but she doesn't regret taking an extra month to make sure she was in the right place. In fact, Tiffiney says the process is a lot like dating and "knowing" when you know.

Her candid approach to sharing her story has made her a relatable resource in the tech space as her career buds. She has appeared as a featured guest on Tech is the New Black and is frequently asked for help or direction on social media forums. She approaches discussions with other people who are considering a move with the same degree of empathy and consultative listening that she brings to her position as a Presales Solution Consultant.

When she’s not trying to solve someone’s problems, Tiffiney enjoys traveling (which she has a lot more freedom to do now, Greece most recently), flexing her green thumb,

 green thumb, cooking, and Netflix series binge watching.